Tuesday, 16 August 2011

If Pakistan let China see US chopper, it did a good thing

By Mahmood Sadiq

US officials accused Pakistan of giving the Chinese access to the US helicopter that crashed in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The chopper was put on fire by the US commodes so that no one could get access to the latest stealth technology used in the copter, but its tail that fell across a wall remained largely intact.
The US officials say the Chinese engineers were allowed to take photos of the tail and take specimens. The allegation was denied by the Pakistani authorities on Monday.
But for the sake of argument let us assume the accusation is right. Then what? Is it illegal for a state to do anything with the armory and machines used illegally on its territory? Was it right to make a raid inside a state without its permission – for whatever purpose?
O well, I myself posted Dr Millhouse story on the same blog on August 10 wherein she claimed the US raid was carried out under a deal with Pakistan’s ISI. We Pakistanis reject such shadowy deals, and we would never want any military or civilian scoundrels to make any deals on our behalf, be it keeping of Osma, as Millhouse asserted, or any other action that compromises our sovereignty.
We Pakistanis do not condone the American act of aggression, even though it was for a good purpose. But we condemn terrorism, be it by non-sate actors or by a state. And given that the Americans even did not bother to tender an apology from the Pakistanis for the gross misconduct, I as a Pakistani feel it perfectly right to help a reliable friendly state with whatever ruins are left behind as a result of a trespassing on my land. If it comes out tomorrow that our army did in fact allow Chinese access to the copter tail, we will endorse their action and stand by them.

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