Thursday, 11 August 2011

PML-Q joined govt at wrong time, says SM Zafar

Senator says party could get more harm than benefit
Sees conditions ripe for another martial law

LAHORE – Senior PML-Q leader Senator SM Zafar has observed that his party has joined the ruling coalition at a wrong time and it could suffer more loss than the benefits it could accrue of its alliance with the PPP.
Calling his party’s alliance with the ruling coalition ‘an alliance for survival’, he remarked that PML-Q entered into the political arrangement in a bid to get maximum number of seats in the next elections. But he feared the step could backfire and the party could face image problem if the government failed to resolve the issues of the people and the major problems facing the country. He however added that PML-Q could succeed in getting more seats of national and provincial assemblies from rural constituencies provided it made seat adjustments with PPP on favourable terms.
When asked whether their were any chance he would part ways with PML-Q, he said though he has differences with party leadership over joining hands with the PPP but he won’t leave the party; he would rather make efforts to bring positive changes in the part ranks. Talking about the unification of all factions of Muslim League, the PML-Q senior leader said that he would be more than ready to play his proactive role in this regard. But he said he had no high hopes regarding the unification as an influential group in the PML-N was against allying with the PML-Q.
Senator Zafar feared that the deteriorating situation in the country might lead to what he called ‘Martial Law Plus’. The senator, who was a law minister during Ayub Khan’s martial law, remarked that the masses were only the spectators during the previous martial laws, but this time the martial law would enjoy the backing of the masses.
When asked, was it the Karachi situation that could lead the nation to another marshal law, he said it was to difficult to name any city, but understandably the situation in Karachi and Balochistan was unstable while conditions in whole of the country in general were far from satisfactory. Hard pressed by unemployment, inflation and corruption, the masses are wishing for a change and they could take to the streets are create conditions in which a martial law would become inevitable. And, even if the initiative is taken by the army, they are most likely to support it.

Reported by: Jawad R Awan
Edited by: Mahmood Sadiq

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